About skepticism and euphoria


"The artist answers the urban utopias of the 1950s and 1960s, in which technical progress was often glorified and seen as a solution to all problems, critically and ironically at the same time.

This paper presents a scenario in which objects on a purely atomic basis – without the use of aids – can be assembled. The basis for this is a fully developed nanotechnology, which means that any physically obtained object can be produced in a minimum of time and error-free.

About scepticism and euphoria shows a backdrop in which people live in an isolated world above ground – in abundance and without work. An enormous technical change is presented, which at the same time offers a new basis for life. However, the standstill within society is also recognizable; people who lead a secluded life in detached houses and use drones to move around, stand as a symbol for this standstill."

- BestOff 2019 Kunstuniversität Linz